by Permian Global

August 23, 2022


Permian Global is a company that was founded out of concern at the extent of tropical deforestation, and also out of the realisation that by protecting these rich habitats, we can play a vital role in combating the climate crisis.

I am here at the Katingan Mentaya Project, which is an Indonesian forest protection and community development initiative, run in partnership between Permian Global and Rimba Makmur Utama.

Natural forest landscapes – especially dense, fast-growing tropical forests – are valuable carbon sinks. As they grow, they sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it as carbon in living biomass. The Katingan Mentaya Project, which is located on the Island of Borneo, is even more important because the forest sits on an enormous peat dome, which has locked away millions of tonnes of carbon.

Our job at Permian Global is to identify tropical forests that are under threat and develop projects that protect the natural landscapes, its wildlife and provide support for the people living around the forest area.

This work is made possible thanks to the voluntary carbon markets. By measuring and preventing emissions that would have resulted from deforestation, we can support organisations wishing to offset those emissions they are currently unable to prevent”.

Dr Sunarto, Wildlife and Landscapes Ecologist at Permian Global