by Permian Global

December 1, 2022

During COP27 from Egypt, Juan Chang, our Head of Technical Operations was interviewed by Claudio Pedretti from The Club of Florence for their series Chronicles from COP27.

Claudio organized and hosted a TEDx event earlier this year with Juan as one of the speakers. The videos from the TEDx talks in Florence, Italy should be available soon.

During this interview, Juan delves into some of the details of Permian’s work and the multiple benefits to conservation, communities and biodiversity made possible by financing from the voluntary carbon market. Claudio also asked Juan on his thoughts around the voluntary carbon market and the current trends.

“Until now there hasn’t been an economic incentive to protect forests. Although the voluntary carbon market has been around for 20 years, it’s only recently started to pick up with corporates making commitments to reduce their emissions as a contribution to addressing climate change” Juan Chang