About Permian Global

Permian Global protects and regenerates threatened tropical forests using private sector carbon finance.

We are a conservation business. Our purpose is to stop tropical deforestation and forest degradation, stop species loss from the destruction of habitats, and to support and empower the people who live in and around tropical forest environments.


Permian Global was created out of our horror at the disappearance of the natural world and frustration in the lack of effectiveness to protect the Amazon, Congo Basin, and other tropical forest areas. In treating conservation with the rigour and discipline of a business, we are showing that for conservation to out-compete conversion to other land uses, it must be incentivised and profitable, so that forests are more valuable standing than cut down.


By applying scientifically robust, fair, and transparent processes and by ensuring validation against internationally recognised third-party standards, our conservation projects generate verified carbon units that help corporations meet their own climate targets.


Protecting and restoring tropical
forests helps ensure that biomass carbon remains locked away in vegetation. Deforestation and forest degradation cause substantial emissions and is a significant contributor to climate change. Left intact and allowed to grow, natural forest will continue sequestering carbon dioxide, playing a crucial role in climate mitigation.


Local community and indigenous people are central to the success of protecting tropical forests. Permian Global projects are designed around community needs, health and wellbeing and work to establish meaningful and sustainable economic alternatives to activities that cause environmental harm.


Tropical forests are hotspots of biodiversity and home to some of the most unique and threatened species on our planet. Protecting tropical forests safeguards important habitats, allowing species and ecosystems to thrive. Permian Global projects run species research and monitoring programs, which are helping broaden scientific knowledge of tropical flora and fauna.


Permian Global has forest carbon conservation projects in Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia and Malaysia, with further pipeline developments in each of these countries as well as in Peru

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