Permian Global

Landscape-scale tropical forest protection

Tackling the climate crisis, safeguarding biodiversity and empowering communities by protecting and regenerating threatened areas of tropical forest.


By protecting and restoring tropical forests, Permian Global is ensuring that the carbon stored in the biomass of these forests is not released through deforestation or degradation but kept where it is, and that the growth of natural forest can continue sequestering greenhouse gas (GHG) from the atmosphere.


Tropical forests are hotspots of biodiversity and home to some of the most unique and threatened biodiversity on our planet. Through forest protection, we are safeguarding important habitats, along with the myriad ecosystem services that forests provide.


Local community support is a crucial part of protecting tropical forests. Permian Global projects are designed around community needs, health and wellbeing and work to establish meaningful and sustainable economic alternatives to activities that cause environmental harm.



Permian Global is a mission-led business that is working for the protection and recovery of tropical forests. By developing large-scale tropical forest protection and restoration projects, our company aims to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, protect habitats to safeguard biodiversity and support sustainable local economies and wellbeing.

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