About Permian Global

Permian Global comprises a highly experienced team from the fields of science, forest conservation and asset management who are committed to develop and implement the most effective forest carbon projects in order to address climate change.
The company was founded by Stephen Rumsey, a life-long environmental conservationist and successful investment manager, who is passionate about using the opportunities that forests offer to deliver climate, social, environmental and economic outcomes of the highest calibre. 
We are dedicated to responsible investment in order to achieve results that go beyond permanent climate change mitigation, bringing long-term socio-economic and biodiversity benefits to the project areas in which we operate while adhering to the highest environmental and social standards.


Permian Global has established formal partnerships with a range of organisations that share our core values and who collaborate with us in the implementation of our high-quality forest carbon projects. They include institutions at the forefront of climate science; national and regional governments in the countries where we operate; and expert local implementation partners such as established environmental and conservation NGOs.

Our most important partners include:

Guanacaste Dry Forest Conservation Fund (GDFCF) as working partner with Area de Conservacion Guanacaste (ACG), Costa Rica

ACG, with its NGO partner, the Guanacaste Dry Forest Conservation Fund, has created one of the oldest, largest and most successful habitat restoration and conservation projects, and is recognized globally for long-term restoration and conservation of degraded tropical forests. (www.acguanacaste.ac.cr) (www.gdfcf.org). 

Wetlands International 

Wetlands International is the only global non-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation and restoration of wetlands. (www.wetlands.org)

Our Vision & Values

A world where the threat of climate change is reduced

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Our Team

A global team with unparalleled skills and knowledge

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