Our Focus

Our business is the production and sale of high-quality verified carbon credits, generated through large-scale conservation and recovery of natural forest. 
We aim to demonstrate that the Permian Global approach to managing tropical forests can help stabilize and reduce levels of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere while adhering to the highest social and environmental principles. 
In parallel, we strive for the widest possible socio-economic and ecological benefits for all our stakeholders.
We will invest in and manage projects that operate to the most exacting forest management standards – and the quality of our carbon credits and long-term investment performance will be testament to this excellence.

Mitigation advantages of natural forests

Unprecedented levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide are causing temperatures to rise and our climate to change. This poses a growing risk to communities, economies and biodiversity through increasingly frequent extreme weather events such as drought, heatwaves and flooding. 

Over the last 200 years carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have risen by over 40 per cent, driven by deforestation and forest degradation as well as by fossil fuel emissions and cement production. With levels still rising, there is a pressing need for rapid and effective action.

Levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have been rising steeply and now lie far outside the normal range of the last 800,000 years. Between 1800 and 1957 levels rose from 280 parts per million (ppm) to 315 ppm, and since 1957 they have risen to 395 ppm.

Forests offer a proven, efficient solution that has evolved over millions of years: they draw down (sequester) carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, absorbing and storing it safely in trees. If they are damaged, cut down or burned, carbon dioxide is returned to the atmosphere.

Our approach emphasizes the natural regenerative capabilities of forests to produce considerable mitigation, social and ecological gains.

We believe that non-extractive tropical forest management offers the most efficient and least expensive opportunity for mitigating the impact of global climate change. 

Our Approach

Long-term regeneration for optimal carbon storage

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Committed to enhancing communities and biodiversity

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