Our Approach

Permian Global is committed to the protection and recovery of natural forests. Our approach brings together private enterprise and local stakeholders to develop long-term financially sustainable projects generating high-quality carbon credits along with substantial environmental and social gains.

We work in some of the poorest regions of the world, and by working with governments and communities we provide employment opportunities, encourage the development of infrastructure within remote areas, provide support to local initiatives and stimulate the local economies. We recognise that it is only by creating wide-ranging and equitable benefits for our stakeholders that we can, in return, gain the support that is vital to the long-term success of our projects.

Non-extractive forest management

We believe protecting natural forest is the most cost-effective, efficient and scalable climate change mitigation option. We do not engage in commercial agroforestry, although we recognize that limited agroforestry in buffer zone areas may have a role in supporting social and economic development in some areas. We will never engage in the commercial logging of natural forests.  

Compelling advantages

Natural forests, particularly in the tropics, have several specific and compelling advantages above other climate mitigation channels, including:

Speed: reducing the emissions from deforestation and forest degradation is an instantly effective mitigation activity, and forests in the tropics grow more quickly than elsewhere

Scale: forest carbon projects can be implemented in numerous countries across the tropics, over large areas of land 

Low Cost: protection programs have relatively low start-up and operational costs compared to other abatement channels

Natural forests are complex ecosystems and in addition to enhancing carbon stocks, they provide numerous environmental services including rainwater generation and watershed protection, protection against soil erosion and landslides, and biodiversity conservation. Our projects seek to safeguard all these vital environmental services.

Our Focus

Emission reductions through tropical forest conservation



Committed to enhancing communities and biodiversity



The scope of our activities 'on the ground'

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Improving Habitats and Livelihoods

We are committed to making a positive impact wherever we operate. Our projects always work alongside local communities to provide social, economic and environmental benefits.

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