We will establish a detailed and comprehensive plan to ensure we fully support local development goals. We will provide employment opportunities; encourage the development of infrastructure within remote areas; provide support to local initiatives; and stimulate the local economies in some of the poorest regions in the world.

Improving livelihoods, sharing benefits

We work together with national and local governments. We comply with all local laws and regulations, create and share revenues, and acknowledge both formal and de facto land ownership.

Our Company-wide approach to corporate social responsibility ensures a culture committed to providing positive social and environmental benefits, committed to transparency, and adherence to the highest industry standards.

Conserving biodiversity, maintaining ecological function

Our projects actively seek to conserve some of world’s most vulnerable forest ecosystems, including areas containing unique and threatened wildlife and habitats. We will monitor the performance of local ecosystems and seek to achieve their restoration.

We will conserve forest areas that provide invaluable ecological functions to local communities and regions: and these include maintaining clean reliable water supplies, and preventing soil erosion, fires and pollution.

By supporting research across our projects, we will contribute to a broader understanding of the importance and function of natural forests – leading to the continual adaptation and improvement of our approach.

Promoting change

Permian Global projects will become ‘living laboratories’, providing opportunities to learn more about the role natural forest protection can play in achieving economic development, while delivering social and environmental goals.

As a result, our projects drive improved respect for natural forests, and contribute to the multiplier effect that is required to address global climate change.

Our Focus

Emission reductions through tropical forest conservation


Our Approach

Long-term regeneration for optimal carbon storage

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The scope of our activities 'on the ground'

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