What We Do

Our business is the production and sale of high-quality verified carbon credits, generated through large-scale conservation and recovery of natural forest. 

We aim to demonstrate that the Permian Global approach to managing tropical forests can help stabilize and reduce levels of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere while adhering to the highest social and environmental principles.

Our approach

Permian Global is committed to the protection and recovery of natural forests. Our approach brings together private enterprise and local stakeholders to develop long-term financially sustainable projects generating high-quality carbon credits along with substantial environmental and social gains.


We are committed to providing positive social and environmental benefits. All our projects work alongside communities to improve their environment and local economy. Our projects also actively seek to conserve some of world’s most vulnerable forest ecosystems, including areas containing unique and threatened wildlife.

Our Focus

Emission reductions through tropical forest conservation

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Our Approach

Long-term regeneration for optimal carbon storage

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Committed to enhancing communities and biodiversity

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The scope of our activities 'on the ground'

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